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The symbol of peace, abundance and effort, the messenger of health on our tables!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This kind of olive oil is produced with cold-pressed unripe olives and its acidity is less than 0.8 percent. Considered perfect, Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the complete taste, smell and vitamins of olives…

Virgin Olive Oil

For various reasons, Virgin Olive Oil has a higher acidity level than Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it is called defective, natural or virgin oil. Its acidity level is between 1 and 2 percent. With a more intense taste than Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this type is also known as pure olive oil…

Refined Olive Oil

Olive oils that have a bad taste or smell and have high levels of acidity are refined without denaturation. Refining process includes neutralization…


Benefits of olive oil are known for centuries and scientific knowledge on its protective effects on health keeps expanding everyday. Popularity of Mediterranean cuisine in our country and the frequent use of olive oil on our tables support delicious meals and healthy lifestyles without being noticed.

Whereas regions like Australia, northern Europe and Far East are just finding out about the benefits of olive and considering it as a medicine, Mediterranean countries have been serving this fruit as food for centuries. The production of table olives is around one million ton in a year and 70% of this production is provided by Mediterranean countries.


Olive tree is considered to be sacred. Throughout history, olive has been widely known and consumed in Mediterranean region, Middle Asia and Africa. Olive has originated in Mesopotamia and took its place in Greek and Mesopotamian mythologies. It is the symbol and heritage of Mediterranean.

Research shows that olive oil is one of the most beneficial nutritions for heart health. Countries with the lowest heart disease rates are Mediterranean countries where olive oil is widely consumed. In addition, the most important effect of olive on heart health is that it decreases “bad cholesterol” levels in blood.


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